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You can ask a question

And it is especially shown in marriage.At the beginning of matrimonial life of people suppresses anger, but eventually this feeling starts being shown and falls upon the spouse.You can ask a question how the passive and aggressive person can rise against authority on marriage.However the authority is symbolized not only those people before whom we are responsible, but also and for what we are responsible.Marriage with the person with the character which developed passive and aggressive can remind a nightmare from which there is no exit.

She understood

Here some of rules by which it thus was guided: If to scold the child, never twice for the same offense.Each child has to make thrifty use of property of others always.If the child is obedient, him praise and reward.All promises are strictly kept.But the most important that this woman did for the children, she allocated time for individual communication with each child.She understood that any child needs to communicate to her alone from time to time.Her husband died, and it to some extent forced it to look narrowly at spiritual and emotional needs of the children more attentively.

Yes, we have

But our generation practically lost touch with the spiritual heritage.Yes, we have problems, and some of them are absolutely new.But also was and at our grandfathers.Why we cannot accept the crises and difficulties without depression, without feeling of doom, hopelessness and horror, how before the coming nearer death?JUDGMENT DAY?Facing problems, some religious organizations and preachers try to avoid responsibility, becoming reserved waiting for the Last Judgement.

It can mean

Of course, they can help us according to the lights when we are sick, but it is not necessary to think and expect that they will be for us a constant source of emotional support.We, parents, have to very much try to avoid own otioseness and incapacity as tutors.It can mean need better to watch over the health to avoid diseases and fatigue; for example, we, to parents, need a reasonable diet, good rest and physical activity.It can mean need to watch over the emotional health, need to find to itself a hobby or the new, refreshing soul interests to avoid a depression or mental exhaustion.

If the similar

Later I consult on the wife, I learn her opinion on current situation.It helps me further.If the similar happens once again, I do not repeat former mistakes any more.If you became angry about the child and in anger told or made something about what regretted later,!you have a remarkable opportunity to turn the evil into good.You can make one fine thing to ask for the child of forgiveness.It teaches the child to forgive, and not only you, but also itself.The child will see how you accept forgiveness, and will learn to do it itself.

When the parent

It is a catastrophic mistake.Use of contact of eyes in negative sense, alas, especially effectively works, when the child absolutely small.But remember that the loving look one of the main sources of emotional food for children.When the parent uses this powerful tool of control mainly in a negative key, and the child cannot but see the parent generally in the negative plan.So far the small child, fear does it obedient and obedient, and externally it quite suits us.But the child grows, and the fear is replaced by anger, offense, a depression.

In most

Allocations at girls Be sensitive.Girls quite often have small allocations from a vagina.In most cases it is caused by harmless bacteria and quickly passes.Dense, plentiful allocations can be caused by more serious infection and demand immediate treatment.Even, if allocations are insignificant, but do not disappear within several days, it is necessary to consult to the doctor also.If allocations consist half of pus, and half of blood, any subject which the girl pushed to herself in a vagina and which remained there can be the cause, causing irritation.

Where you got it? It is a question

I suddenly understood that life is senseless in any case, washing.It became boring, fatally boring for me.The feeling of senselessness of life is very painful, and I solved: it is necessary to do something with itself, and that so all life it is possible to lie.You found a way?What?Awful!You, maybe, will not believe, but now I understand that the awful.Heroin.Where you got it?It is a question only of money.Where to take not a problem.You gave to yourself injections?

Grandma. Turns

The blizzard

Settled on a sofa the child rests the wide the uvula in upper teeth and from impatience puffs exercise Barrels the air stream goes to cheeks.Well, now it is possible to listen about what will tell snow.It was in the cold winter.The blizzard was angry, howled outside: lll.The child rests a uvula against upper teeth and hoots angrily as a blizzard.The winter wind hooted in pipes: lll.The child shows how the wind hooted.Father Frost of children gathered to congratulate on a holiday at this time.

During war Frankl

Victor Frankl can be trusted: he on personal experience tested that such vital difficulties and their overcoming.During war Frankl as the Jew got to a concentration camp where continued to work as the psychotherapist.He organized service of the prevention of suicides for prisoners, and this experience completely confirmed his idea about medicinal properties of laughter and antisuicide influence of humour.The humour and laughter help overcoming of an extreme situation.

Soon these

To me the history of one participant of war in Vietnam who spent seven years in captivity in northern part of Vietnam is remembered.Weeks followed weeks, and this person that to occupy with something the mind, started remembering bible verses and anthems which he learned still when went to Sunday school.Soon these daily exercises helped it to establish anew the relations good luck.Having become the adult, this young captain was not the active Christian, but that knowledge which strong kept at it in memory, helped it to take out seven years of captivity.

If the task

What did the grandfather do?The grandfather beat, beat, but did not break egg.G That was done by the woman?The woman beat, beat, but did not break egg.Who broke egg?The mouse broke egg.How the mouse broke egg?The mouse touched with a tail, egg fell and broke.If the task causes difficulty in children, expose along with pictures of characters of desktop theater and say their name it is interfaced to the child.If the speech of the child is developed not enough, suggest it to show simply those pictures on which the heroes of the fairy tale called by you are represented.

Here typical

If the child coughs, show him to the doctor, even at a normal temperature.Show it to the doctor if it has a sick look.The child can be seriously sick and at a normal temperature.Catarrhal diseases and the increased temperature aged after a year.At some children after a year catarrhal diseases still proceed benign.But at most of children character of catarrhal diseases changes.Here typical history.The twoyearold child felt normally in the morning, during the lunchtime he looked tired and ate less than the usual.

The child

Let's take a walk a little together with a puppy.Look, on the road the tractor goes and very loudly rumbles.Pokakzhi to a puppy as the tractor works, and I will help you our magic wand statement of a sound r from a sound with the mechanical help.The child carries out.A little further the driver repairs the car, looks for necessary details.Help it, give it only that detail, if in the word the sound is heard r.And the puppy will help you.The logopedist serially offers the child of a detail geometrical fikgura and pronounces a number of words: crust, fork, bank, brand, squirrel, pool, school desk, shelf, mink, norm.

For this

Remember that for the baby there is a danger to choke and during a dream on a back.Cases when the sleeping mother pressed down the child the body are known.For this reason the small child has to sleep always separately from parents, in the bed.Besides, danger is constituted also by pets which habit to sleep near the person and especially on his breast poses big threat for the small child.If at your place there is a cat, a cat or a kitten, it is necessary to exclude probability of their stay in the child's cradle.

In awkward

Try not to get to this trap.Be whenever possible in a good physical and moral form, differently you will not be able to control the behavior properly.In awkward age your child starts behaving provocatively and to violate the rules of behavior established by you.As soon as you notice this, the first that it is necessary to make, to concretize and limit these rules.And only then, when the teenager will a little mature and will prove that it is possible to rely on him that he will behave according to a situation, then his freedom can gradually increase, and control of parents gradually to decrease.

If the child

Perhaps, it is emotionally not ready to a povzrosleniye and is secretly concerned increase in the breast.The child obsessed with a diet needs the help of the children's psychiatrist.If the child or his mother consider that the diet is necessary, for many reasons first of all it is necessary to consult to the doctor.First, the doctor will define, whether there is a need for a diet; secondly, the teenager will understand a doctor's advice, than parents rather.If it becomes clear that the diet is necessary, it certainly has to be appointed by the doctor.

Ask children

If it is impossible to the child, suggest it to impose sticks on a sample and only after that to lay out a firtree on a table.We consider together.Attach a big firtree and a small firtree on a flanelegraf.Ask children to call them a firtree and a firtree.Suggest children to take small baskets and to consider the cones lying in them.Ask to call them the cone and a shishechka, their size two big cones, two small shishechka; to count big cones, to call their quantity.Then to count small shishechka and to call their quantity.

This the powerful

Values ethical ^плана are usually on the first place: strong religious belief or moral code.In most cases it is shown that in their life God with which at family members warm is on the first place, loving, sincere and keeping in their moral forces in contact.This the powerful counterbalancing force influences all other relations with people.On the second place usually the spouse, further the third place in hierarchy of values children.As you see, the real happiness is based on family orientation at first a spiritual family, then physical.

If your

If you need to feed the child outdoors, wrap up the small bottle taken from the refrigerator, layers of the newspaper is will keep milk the cooled.If your child is in the habit to fall asleep, without having drunk all milk, surely put this small bottle back in the refrigerator.You can give it the same small bottle for the second time, but I would not recommend to give it for the third time.On the first year of life the child should not give a small bottle with milk in a bed.

Suggest the child

Ask to tell that on it it is drawn.Acquaintance to the fairy tale.Suggest the child to listen to the fairy tale.Tell the fairy tale, exposing figures of the corresponding characters on the subject picture.Offer the child according to his speech opportunities to repeat the word zvukopodrazhaniya.very oh, pip, tototo, a top top said in the course of telling of the fairy tale.Development of the grammatical party of the speech.Suggest the child to play the game Yes no.

Throws and catches

Can lift a subject from a floor, having bent down in a belt with the straightened feet.Throws and catches a ball two hands, without pressing it to a breast.Throws a small ball from a hand in a hand.Eats completely independently one.Household skills.Completely itself puts on and puts shoes on, including puts on a tshirt.Clasps buttons.Some children it is possible to teach to tie laces.Undresses independently; is able to put the clothes before going to bed fig.

This passion

And it is closed in the room and endlessly listens to this terrible music.Does not talk to us; we became absolutely others.Reckless adoration of stars of various caliber, in particular stars musical a commonplace.Worldwide fans make a brotherhood sort; they unite in clubs, carry colors of the idols, are cut and put on so that on them to be similar in everything.This passion is had also by mutual induction; fans of the heroes ordinary crowd adore.The adoration is hard work, it entirely occupies both thoughts, and time, becomes a way of life.

It is also

It can be compared to the next contribution to bank: so far deposits exceed expenses, everything is all right.If parents constantly care of fullfledged balance, emotional life of the child will be healthy and it will have less complications in life.It is also important contribution to the future, especially in days of adolescence and youth.Each contribution to emotional bank supports our confidence that teenage years will be rather healthy, quiet, full and fruitful both for the child, and for parents.

If they

On the other hand, if your children see that the anger goes to the acceptable course, they will acquire this reaction.If they see how you try to understand to forgive those who did you the harm, will understand that the forgiveness too can be an exit, but not as an evil justification, and as one of address elements with the evil.They will acquire that the anger can be controlled and expressed positively.Your family is small cultural group.Listen to its language.Watch her behavior.

It is better

Instead of simple milk.A lot of milk for preparation demand some porridge.Milk is a part of various puddings, beginning from curds and finishing a rice pudding.On milk, instead of water, it is possible to make vegetable and chicken soups.On milk it is possible to prepare macaroni, mashed potatoes and many other dishes.It is better not to add to milk various substances for change of its smell and taste.But if it is necessary, it is possible to add cocoa or hot chocolate to milk, it is possible to drink its cold with addition of any syrup.

If you abuse

If you abuse the child who and without it regrets for deeds, at him a remorse can disappear and he will start arguing with you.At the child years are more senior sense of justice is rather developed to understand justice of punishment.However to this age it is not necessary to force the child to pay for deeds consequences, i.e.to speak to it: Itself it is guilty, after all I spoke to you.Here you see that you did etc.You after all do not want that at the child hard feeling of fault developed.

To tell about

Only in that case he will experience direct contact.To tell about last experience means simply to give additional actual material that deprives of the teenager of opportunity through empathy to gain own experience.The deep truth is covered in an old saying: Experience the best teacher.Let your teenager will divide with you your experience.The more he will learn to trust God, the it will become stronger.It is important to teenager to know how the Lord satisfies personal needs of each person and each family, including and financial.

Ask children

Then call them to a goat.Game can be complicated, having suggested children to remember and repeat the name of three trees which met to a goat in the wood.Articulation and mimic gymnastics.Ask children to remember character of the old womangovorukhi angry, all the dissatisfied old woman.Suggest children to take individual mirrors and to represent the angry old womangovorukhu to shift eyebrows, to frown, expression of eyes the severe.Suggest to show in turn to all what at it turned out the old woman.


After all only then the boy will begin to respect them, will cease to restore them against each other and will learn to be selfcontrolled.MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING ROLE IN THE FAMILY These cases from my practice show that not adjusted relationship between spouses becomes the reason of emergence of problems at teenagers.Parents are necessary for each teenager, whose marriage is reliable, full of mutual respect and love.And ability to express the emotions, especially negative, has crucial importance in the matrimonial relations.

Can use a spoon

A half of children at the age of , months can cover a jar.At game with several toys or subjects the kid starts using one of subjects as the tool, for example knocks one toy about another.Can use a spoon to stir and scatter mediumsized subjects of a floor.At the request of the adult tries to find the hidden toy.To check it, in the face of the child cover a small toy with the turned cup and leave it so.Then ask the child to find a toy.Is as follows: at first he watches sequence of actions of the child how the adult hides a toy fig.

I am going

However gradually it becomes clear: there are at the girl and ability, and interests.Being engaged in that is pleasant to it, she quickens, becomes active, becomes bright.Nevertheless it is clear: here intervention of the expert inspection, and then and treatment is required.I am going to state all this in detail to mother of the patient, but first of all I strictly forbid to punish the child physically.Mother, having heard it, literally brightens the person.However, she cannot be beaten?

Jumps in length

.By four years the child accurately decides on the leading hand the righthanded person or the lefthander.In norm the lefthander can lag behind a little in coordination of simultaneous movements by hands and development of the speech.Jumps in length from a place on two feet not less than on cm.Can jump up from a place in height, that is jump up on a place with a separation from a floor.Freely goes and runs on ladder steps up and down, going one foot into each of them.

At such

Communication best of all develops in a quiet situation when on the parent and the teenager nothing presses.At such moments the parent, the child do not feel need something to speak or to do.The similar situation can arise, for example, when you stand together in a queue, sit at restaurant waiting for the order and the waiter does not hurry, go by the car or watch TV.At such moments to the teenager nothing prevents to relax, be oneself and tell you about the feelings, hopes and thoughts.To take advantage which give such minutes, the patience is necessary.

I think that

Boys urinate in a bed at night, than girls, and nervous children more long, than quiet usually more long.Sometimes it appears hereditary line.I think that parents should not do anything that the child remained dry all night long.Natural development of a bladder and day schooling to urinate in a pot thanks to which at the child the concept is formed that urine has to be in a pot, there is absolutely enough in most cases that the child ceased to urinate at night.


The developing to develop visual and acoustical attention ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult, to guess riddles.Equipment: subject pictures see an insert, fig., ; images of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig., , , , , ; outline drawings of heroes of the fairy tale see fig..Occupation course Organizational moment.Suggest children to sit down beautifully, to show where they have ears ears listen, eyes eyes look.Acquaintance to the fairy tale.

By this

But it hit in other extreme, it went on a string at the daughter.By this time at the girl the strong feeling of a contradiction as a result of long fight developed.Having found out that her mother became mildness, it used it.For example, it poured out a full sugar bowl of sugar in porridge, watching stealthily silent horror on a face of mother.Mother began to ask her every time before food that she wants.If the child spoke: Sausage, it obediently went to shop and bought sausages.

As soon

Mutual love of children and parents the best way to transfer to children cultural wealth of their parents.As soon as the basis of the relations mutual love is established, the child will be able to adopt your outlooks on life, and that the most important, you will achieve the main objective: he will want to adopt your cultural wealth.I would define doctrine in this context as education.Physical punishments make only its part and if emotional needs of the child are satisfied, this part is very small.

But, if at this

It is necessary to address to the doctor if the child has temperature higher than °.There is no need to disturb the doctor in the middle of the night if the child has an ordinary cold with a temperature of °; cause it in the morning.But, if at this temperature the child looks very sick or it is available others, more serious, symptoms, call the doctor immediately.Hoarse shout, the complicated breath symptoms about which it is necessary to report immediately to the doctor see sections , and .It is necessary to report about pains at once even if you only suspect that something hurts the child.

Unfortunately, many

But it is important to remember that this apathy only cover for the rage and anger which are especially directed against legitimate authority.Unfortunately, many teenagers are indifferent to everything, and most of all to the future.Hope of the country, this generation it is deprived of that vitality, enthusiasm and energy which we would like to see in them.Why there are a lot of apathetic teenagers?Why in them there is no initiative and something to do desires?

Then ask the child

Tell read the fairy tale, do pauses at appearance of each new character and expose the corresponding figure on a table.Call it.Give to the child a card for global reading with a name of the hero of the fairy tale and suggest to enclose it to a figure.Then ask the child to find among cards and to enclose to the first card same with the same word.Development of lexicon and grammar.Explain to the child that in the wood animals build to themselves lodges: someone lives in a den, someone in a hole or a mink, someone under a bush, and someone does not build to himself anything.

It needs

It needs opportunities to dig, clamber, build, invent during those periods of development when it is ready to these kinds of activity.It needs toys which are pleasant to it, society of other children with whom he feels on an equal basis even if they for a year or are younger than it.It should be defined in such class where he will feel that reaches something and where it will be able to find the place.It is necessary for the child that he was loved and appreciated his attractive qualities.

But if your

Things useful, but not necessary Scales.If the child is healthy and you regularly show him to the doctor, you do not have need to have house scales.But if your child cries much and you suspect that he starves, and it is difficult for you to reach the doctor, scales very much will help you.If friends want to present or borrow you scales, take them.If you have to buy them, then wait, can be in them not there will be needs.Carriage.It is necessary if you live in the city.

If in water

Fluorine very valuable substance for creation of good teeth.It has to be as a part of food of a diet and the pregnant woman, and the small child during formation of second teeth.In those countries where fluorine contains in water, teeth collapse much less.In many countries fluorine is added to water.If in water it is absent, the dentist can partially fill this shortcoming, having applied fluorine with a thin layer on the child's teeth.Still some people rise against addition of fluorine to water, including it harmful, despite careful researches of scientists and their conclusion about advantage of such measure.


In the train it is possible to ask the waiter to put one or two bottles in the refrigerator of a diningcar.Refrigerators are and in some planes.Preparation of dairy mix before each feeding at long travel.The travel borrowing some days presents a great difficulty.Talk to the doctor, considering nature of travel, structure of food of the child and his digestion.In advance learn, on what conveniences you will be able to count in way.If the child eats powdered milk, it is simplest to prepare its portion of milk before each feeding, using small banks with powdered milk.

These wait

Their commitment to excellence does not mean that they believe in the abilities to make something best of all; on the contrary, they always think that any other could make it better them.These wait for percent of the so many from themselves that every day brings them disappointments.After all any person from time to time though the trifle, but will make something not so.Even if they will make of cases well and only one is bad, will test a deep dissatisfaction.Such children easily are depressed.


It does not humiliate us, does not do us spineless, does not mean that we cannot insist on the.Appealing to the child, we simply choose more reasonable, pleasant, delicate way of transfer of instructions.Especially it is correct if you want that your child with pleasure, without any disgust satisfied your requests.For example, somehow taking a shower, I found out that in a bathroom there is no towel.At this time by there passed my yearold son; I took an opportunity and asked it: Deyl, please, descend down and bring me a towel.

If you strong

Carefully enter a thermometer into back pass of the child, slightly pushing that he found to himself the road.If you strong hold the thermometer, it can rest against a wall of a gut and hurt the child.Then put a palm on the child's buttocks, holding the thermometer with two fingers, as a cigarette.More senior child it is possible to put sideways on a bed and to ask it to tighten feet.When the child lies on a stomach, it is more difficult to find its back pass.The most uncomfortable position of the child when he lies on a back, having raised feet.

The children

They are under pressure from the parents demanding that they led strict spiritual life.Their contemporaries and society put upon them even more serious pressure.The children belonging to percent which parents Christian leaders, suffer from sense of guilt and the suppressed anger while percent rise and it can be the real shock for a family.One Christian, the wife of the Protestant priest, told me about life of the preacher's child.I speak to you, doctor Campbell, you will not believe as I got used to wait from the poor children only of faultless behavior.

If your child

If your child apologizes for the offense, admits the guilt and suffers a remorse, regretting for the incident, forgive him, and let him know that you forgave him.If you diligently carry out everything about what I wrote, and the matrimonial relations at you satisfactory, education of your child will take place relatively, of course is safe, without any excesses.Your child has to be happy, sympathetic, by benevolent, well behave, do that you ask him according to age and a level of development without special difficulties.

Let to you friends

Both for you, and for the child, and for your husband important that you did not reach exhaustion and a depression.If you have nobody to find to yourself in replacement, let your husband will sit with the child times a week until you go on a visit or to cinema.Your husband too has to spend one or two evenings in a week outdoors.The child does not need at once two listeners in the person of concerned parents.Let to you friends come on a visit.Remember, everything that helps you to keep composure that distracts you from concern on the child, eventually helps both the child, and all family.


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