Refrigerators In the train it is possible to ask the waiter to put one or two bottles in the refrigerator of a diningcar.

Refrigerators are and in some planes.

Preparation of dairy mix before each feeding at long travel.

The travel borrowing some days presents a great difficulty.

Talk to the doctor, considering nature of travel, structure of food of the child and his digestion.

In advance learn, on what conveniences you will be able to count in way.

If the child eats powdered milk, it is simplest to prepare its portion of milk before each feeding, using small banks with powdered milk.

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These wait

These wait Their commitment to excellence does not mean that they believe in the abilities to make something best of all; on the contrary, they always think that any other could make it better them.

These wait for percent of the so many from themselves that every day brings them disappointments.

After all any person from time to time though the trifle, but will make something not so.

Even if they will make of cases well and only one is bad, will test a deep dissatisfaction.

Such children easily are depressed.

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Especially It does not humiliate us, does not do us spineless, does not mean that we cannot insist on the.

Appealing to the child, we simply choose more reasonable, pleasant, delicate way of transfer of instructions.

Especially it is correct if you want that your child with pleasure, without any disgust satisfied your requests.

For example, somehow taking a shower, I found out that in a bathroom there is no towel.

At this time by there passed my yearold son; I took an opportunity and asked it: Deyl, please, descend down and bring me a towel.

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If you strong

If you strong Carefully enter a thermometer into back pass of the child, slightly pushing that he found to himself the road.

If you strong hold the thermometer, it can rest against a wall of a gut and hurt the child.

Then put a palm on the child's buttocks, holding the thermometer with two fingers, as a cigarette.

More senior child it is possible to put sideways on a bed and to ask it to tighten feet.

When the child lies on a stomach, it is more difficult to find its back pass.

The most uncomfortable position of the child when he lies on a back, having raised feet.

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The children

The children They are under pressure from the parents demanding that they led strict spiritual life.

Their contemporaries and society put upon them even more serious pressure.

The children belonging to percent which parents Christian leaders, suffer from sense of guilt and the suppressed anger while percent rise and it can be the real shock for a family.

One Christian, the wife of the Protestant priest, told me about life of the preacher's child.

I speak to you, doctor Campbell, you will not believe as I got used to wait from the poor children only of faultless behavior.

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