Unfortunately, many

Unfortunately, many But it is important to remember that this apathy only cover for the rage and anger which are especially directed against legitimate authority.

Unfortunately, many teenagers are indifferent to everything, and most of all to the future.

Hope of the country, this generation it is deprived of that vitality, enthusiasm and energy which we would like to see in them.

Why there are a lot of apathetic teenagers?

Why in them there is no initiative and something to do desires?

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Then ask the child

Then ask the child Tell read the fairy tale, do pauses at appearance of each new character and expose the corresponding figure on a table.

Call it.

Give to the child a card for global reading with a name of the hero of the fairy tale and suggest to enclose it to a figure.

Then ask the child to find among cards and to enclose to the first card same with the same word.

Development of lexicon and grammar.

Explain to the child that in the wood animals build to themselves lodges: someone lives in a den, someone in a hole or a mink, someone under a bush, and someone does not build to himself anything.

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It needs

It needs It needs opportunities to dig, clamber, build, invent during those periods of development when it is ready to these kinds of activity.

It needs toys which are pleasant to it, society of other children with whom he feels on an equal basis even if they for a year or are younger than it.

It should be defined in such class where he will feel that reaches something and where it will be able to find the place.

It is necessary for the child that he was loved and appreciated his attractive qualities.

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But if your

But if your Things useful, but not necessary Scales.

If the child is healthy and you regularly show him to the doctor, you do not have need to have house scales.

But if your child cries much and you suspect that he starves, and it is difficult for you to reach the doctor, scales very much will help you.

If friends want to present or borrow you scales, take them.

If you have to buy them, then wait, can be in them not there will be needs.


It is necessary if you live in the city.

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If in water

If in water Fluorine very valuable substance for creation of good teeth.

It has to be as a part of food of a diet and the pregnant woman, and the small child during formation of second teeth.

In those countries where fluorine contains in water, teeth collapse much less.

In many countries fluorine is added to water.

If in water it is absent, the dentist can partially fill this shortcoming, having applied fluorine with a thin layer on the child's teeth.

Still some people rise against addition of fluorine to water, including it harmful, despite careful researches of scientists and their conclusion about advantage of such measure.

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