I think that

I think that Boys urinate in a bed at night, than girls, and nervous children more long, than quiet usually more long.

Sometimes it appears hereditary line.

I think that parents should not do anything that the child remained dry all night long.

Natural development of a bladder and day schooling to urinate in a pot thanks to which at the child the concept is formed that urine has to be in a pot, there is absolutely enough in most cases that the child ceased to urinate at night.

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Suggest The developing to develop visual and acoustical attention ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult, to guess riddles.

Equipment: subject pictures see an insert, fig.

, ; images of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, , , , , ; outline drawings of heroes of the fairy tale see fig.


Occupation course Organizational moment.

Suggest children to sit down beautifully, to show where they have ears ears listen, eyes eyes look.

Acquaintance to the fairy tale.

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By this

By this But it hit in other extreme, it went on a string at the daughter.

By this time at the girl the strong feeling of a contradiction as a result of long fight developed.

Having found out that her mother became mildness, it used it.

For example, it poured out a full sugar bowl of sugar in porridge, watching stealthily silent horror on a face of mother.

Mother began to ask her every time before food that she wants.

If the child spoke: Sausage, it obediently went to shop and bought sausages.

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As soon

As soon Mutual love of children and parents the best way to transfer to children cultural wealth of their parents.

As soon as the basis of the relations mutual love is established, the child will be able to adopt your outlooks on life, and that the most important, you will achieve the main objective: he will want to adopt your cultural wealth.

I would define doctrine in this context as education.

Physical punishments make only its part and if emotional needs of the child are satisfied, this part is very small.

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But, if at this

But, if at this It is necessary to address to the doctor if the child has temperature higher than °.

There is no need to disturb the doctor in the middle of the night if the child has an ordinary cold with a temperature of °; cause it in the morning.

But, if at this temperature the child looks very sick or it is available others, more serious, symptoms, call the doctor immediately.

Hoarse shout, the complicated breath symptoms about which it is necessary to report immediately to the doctor see sections , and .

It is necessary to report about pains at once even if you only suspect that something hurts the child.

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