MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING After all only then the boy will begin to respect them, will cease to restore them against each other and will learn to be selfcontrolled.

MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING ROLE IN THE FAMILY These cases from my practice show that not adjusted relationship between spouses becomes the reason of emergence of problems at teenagers.

Parents are necessary for each teenager, whose marriage is reliable, full of mutual respect and love.

And ability to express the emotions, especially negative, has crucial importance in the matrimonial relations.

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Can use a spoon

Can use a spoon A half of children at the age of , months can cover a jar.

At game with several toys or subjects the kid starts using one of subjects as the tool, for example knocks one toy about another.

Can use a spoon to stir and scatter mediumsized subjects of a floor.

At the request of the adult tries to find the hidden toy.

To check it, in the face of the child cover a small toy with the turned cup and leave it so.

Then ask the child to find a toy.

Is as follows: at first he watches sequence of actions of the child how the adult hides a toy fig.

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I am going

I am going However gradually it becomes clear: there are at the girl and ability, and interests.

Being engaged in that is pleasant to it, she quickens, becomes active, becomes bright.

Nevertheless it is clear: here intervention of the expert inspection, and then and treatment is required.

I am going to state all this in detail to mother of the patient, but first of all I strictly forbid to punish the child physically.

Mother, having heard it, literally brightens the person.

However, she cannot be beaten?

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Jumps in length

Jumps in length .

By four years the child accurately decides on the leading hand the righthanded person or the lefthander.

In norm the lefthander can lag behind a little in coordination of simultaneous movements by hands and development of the speech.

Jumps in length from a place on two feet not less than on cm.

Can jump up from a place in height, that is jump up on a place with a separation from a floor.

Freely goes and runs on ladder steps up and down, going one foot into each of them.

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At such

At such Communication best of all develops in a quiet situation when on the parent and the teenager nothing presses.

At such moments the parent, the child do not feel need something to speak or to do.

The similar situation can arise, for example, when you stand together in a queue, sit at restaurant waiting for the order and the waiter does not hurry, go by the car or watch TV.

At such moments to the teenager nothing prevents to relax, be oneself and tell you about the feelings, hopes and thoughts.

To take advantage which give such minutes, the patience is necessary.

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