If they

If they On the other hand, if your children see that the anger goes to the acceptable course, they will acquire this reaction.

If they see how you try to understand to forgive those who did you the harm, will understand that the forgiveness too can be an exit, but not as an evil justification, and as one of address elements with the evil.

They will acquire that the anger can be controlled and expressed positively.

Your family is small cultural group.

Listen to its language.

Watch her behavior.

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It is better

It is better Instead of simple milk.

A lot of milk for preparation demand some porridge.

Milk is a part of various puddings, beginning from curds and finishing a rice pudding.

On milk, instead of water, it is possible to make vegetable and chicken soups.

On milk it is possible to prepare macaroni, mashed potatoes and many other dishes.

It is better not to add to milk various substances for change of its smell and taste.

But if it is necessary, it is possible to add cocoa or hot chocolate to milk, it is possible to drink its cold with addition of any syrup.

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If you abuse

If you abuse If you abuse the child who and without it regrets for deeds, at him a remorse can disappear and he will start arguing with you.

At the child years are more senior sense of justice is rather developed to understand justice of punishment.

However to this age it is not necessary to force the child to pay for deeds consequences, i.


to speak to it: Itself it is guilty, after all I spoke to you.

Here you see that you did etc.

You after all do not want that at the child hard feeling of fault developed.

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To tell about

To tell about Only in that case he will experience direct contact.

To tell about last experience means simply to give additional actual material that deprives of the teenager of opportunity through empathy to gain own experience.

The deep truth is covered in an old saying: Experience the best teacher.

Let your teenager will divide with you your experience.

The more he will learn to trust God, the it will become stronger.

It is important to teenager to know how the Lord satisfies personal needs of each person and each family, including and financial.

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Ask children

Ask children Then call them to a goat.

Game can be complicated, having suggested children to remember and repeat the name of three trees which met to a goat in the wood.

Articulation and mimic gymnastics.

Ask children to remember character of the old womangovorukhi angry, all the dissatisfied old woman.

Suggest children to take individual mirrors and to represent the angry old womangovorukhu to shift eyebrows, to frown, expression of eyes the severe.

Suggest to show in turn to all what at it turned out the old woman.

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