If your

If your If you need to feed the child outdoors, wrap up the small bottle taken from the refrigerator, layers of the newspaper is will keep milk the cooled.

If your child is in the habit to fall asleep, without having drunk all milk, surely put this small bottle back in the refrigerator.

You can give it the same small bottle for the second time, but I would not recommend to give it for the third time.

On the first year of life the child should not give a small bottle with milk in a bed.

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Suggest the child

Suggest the child Ask to tell that on it it is drawn.

Acquaintance to the fairy tale.

Suggest the child to listen to the fairy tale.

Tell the fairy tale, exposing figures of the corresponding characters on the subject picture.

Offer the child according to his speech opportunities to repeat the word zvukopodrazhaniya.

very oh, pip, tototo, a top top said in the course of telling of the fairy tale.

Development of the grammatical party of the speech.

Suggest the child to play the game Yes no.

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Throws and catches

Throws and catches Can lift a subject from a floor, having bent down in a belt with the straightened feet.

Throws and catches a ball two hands, without pressing it to a breast.

Throws a small ball from a hand in a hand.

Eats completely independently one.

Household skills.

Completely itself puts on and puts shoes on, including puts on a tshirt.

Clasps buttons.

Some children it is possible to teach to tie laces.

Undresses independently; is able to put the clothes before going to bed fig.

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This passion

This passion And it is closed in the room and endlessly listens to this terrible music.

Does not talk to us; we became absolutely others.

Reckless adoration of stars of various caliber, in particular stars musical a commonplace.

Worldwide fans make a brotherhood sort; they unite in clubs, carry colors of the idols, are cut and put on so that on them to be similar in everything.

This passion is had also by mutual induction; fans of the heroes ordinary crowd adore.

The adoration is hard work, it entirely occupies both thoughts, and time, becomes a way of life.

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It is also

It is also It can be compared to the next contribution to bank: so far deposits exceed expenses, everything is all right.

If parents constantly care of fullfledged balance, emotional life of the child will be healthy and it will have less complications in life.

It is also important contribution to the future, especially in days of adolescence and youth.

Each contribution to emotional bank supports our confidence that teenage years will be rather healthy, quiet, full and fruitful both for the child, and for parents.

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