For this

For this Remember that for the baby there is a danger to choke and during a dream on a back.

Cases when the sleeping mother pressed down the child the body are known.

For this reason the small child has to sleep always separately from parents, in the bed.

Besides, danger is constituted also by pets which habit to sleep near the person and especially on his breast poses big threat for the small child.

If at your place there is a cat, a cat or a kitten, it is necessary to exclude probability of their stay in the child's cradle.

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In awkward

In awkward Try not to get to this trap.

Be whenever possible in a good physical and moral form, differently you will not be able to control the behavior properly.

In awkward age your child starts behaving provocatively and to violate the rules of behavior established by you.

As soon as you notice this, the first that it is necessary to make, to concretize and limit these rules.

And only then, when the teenager will a little mature and will prove that it is possible to rely on him that he will behave according to a situation, then his freedom can gradually increase, and control of parents gradually to decrease.

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If the child

If the child Perhaps, it is emotionally not ready to a povzrosleniye and is secretly concerned increase in the breast.

The child obsessed with a diet needs the help of the children's psychiatrist.

If the child or his mother consider that the diet is necessary, for many reasons first of all it is necessary to consult to the doctor.

First, the doctor will define, whether there is a need for a diet; secondly, the teenager will understand a doctor's advice, than parents rather.

If it becomes clear that the diet is necessary, it certainly has to be appointed by the doctor.

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Ask children

Ask children If it is impossible to the child, suggest it to impose sticks on a sample and only after that to lay out a firtree on a table.

We consider together.

Attach a big firtree and a small firtree on a flanelegraf.

Ask children to call them a firtree and a firtree.

Suggest children to take small baskets and to consider the cones lying in them.

Ask to call them the cone and a shishechka, their size two big cones, two small shishechka; to count big cones, to call their quantity.

Then to count small shishechka and to call their quantity.

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This the powerful

This the powerful Values ethical ^плана are usually on the first place: strong religious belief or moral code.

In most cases it is shown that in their life God with which at family members warm is on the first place, loving, sincere and keeping in their moral forces in contact.

This the powerful counterbalancing force influences all other relations with people.

On the second place usually the spouse, further the third place in hierarchy of values children.

As you see, the real happiness is based on family orientation at first a spiritual family, then physical.

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