During war Frankl

During war Frankl Victor Frankl can be trusted: he on personal experience tested that such vital difficulties and their overcoming.

During war Frankl as the Jew got to a concentration camp where continued to work as the psychotherapist.

He organized service of the prevention of suicides for prisoners, and this experience completely confirmed his idea about medicinal properties of laughter and antisuicide influence of humour.

The humour and laughter help overcoming of an extreme situation.

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Soon these

Soon these To me the history of one participant of war in Vietnam who spent seven years in captivity in northern part of Vietnam is remembered.

Weeks followed weeks, and this person that to occupy with something the mind, started remembering bible verses and anthems which he learned still when went to Sunday school.

Soon these daily exercises helped it to establish anew the relations good luck.

Having become the adult, this young captain was not the active Christian, but that knowledge which strong kept at it in memory, helped it to take out seven years of captivity.

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If the task

If the task What did the grandfather do?

The grandfather beat, beat, but did not break egg.

G That was done by the woman?

The woman beat, beat, but did not break egg.

Who broke egg?

The mouse broke egg.

How the mouse broke egg?

The mouse touched with a tail, egg fell and broke.

If the task causes difficulty in children, expose along with pictures of characters of desktop theater and say their name it is interfaced to the child.

If the speech of the child is developed not enough, suggest it to show simply those pictures on which the heroes of the fairy tale called by you are represented.

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Here typical

Here typical If the child coughs, show him to the doctor, even at a normal temperature.

Show it to the doctor if it has a sick look.

The child can be seriously sick and at a normal temperature.

Catarrhal diseases and the increased temperature aged after a year.

At some children after a year catarrhal diseases still proceed benign.

But at most of children character of catarrhal diseases changes.

Here typical history.

The twoyearold child felt normally in the morning, during the lunchtime he looked tired and ate less than the usual.

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The child

The child Let's take a walk a little together with a puppy.

Look, on the road the tractor goes and very loudly rumbles.

Pokakzhi to a puppy as the tractor works, and I will help you our magic wand statement of a sound r from a sound with the mechanical help.

The child carries out.

A little further the driver repairs the car, looks for necessary details.

Help it, give it only that detail, if in the word the sound is heard r.

And the puppy will help you.

The logopedist serially offers the child of a detail geometrical fikgura and pronounces a number of words: crust, fork, bank, brand, squirrel, pool, school desk, shelf, mink, norm.

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