If your child

If your child If your child apologizes for the offense, admits the guilt and suffers a remorse, regretting for the incident, forgive him, and let him know that you forgave him.

If you diligently carry out everything about what I wrote, and the matrimonial relations at you satisfactory, education of your child will take place relatively, of course is safe, without any excesses.

Your child has to be happy, sympathetic, by benevolent, well behave, do that you ask him according to age and a level of development without special difficulties.

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Let to you friends

Let to you friends Both for you, and for the child, and for your husband important that you did not reach exhaustion and a depression.

If you have nobody to find to yourself in replacement, let your husband will sit with the child times a week until you go on a visit or to cinema.

Your husband too has to spend one or two evenings in a week outdoors.

The child does not need at once two listeners in the person of concerned parents.

Let to you friends come on a visit.

Remember, everything that helps you to keep composure that distracts you from concern on the child, eventually helps both the child, and all family.

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