When the parent

When the parent It is a catastrophic mistake.

Use of contact of eyes in negative sense, alas, especially effectively works, when the child absolutely small.

But remember that the loving look one of the main sources of emotional food for children.

When the parent uses this powerful tool of control mainly in a negative key, and the child cannot but see the parent generally in the negative plan.

So far the small child, fear does it obedient and obedient, and externally it quite suits us.

But the child grows, and the fear is replaced by anger, offense, a depression.

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In most

In most Allocations at girls Be sensitive.

Girls quite often have small allocations from a vagina.

In most cases it is caused by harmless bacteria and quickly passes.

Dense, plentiful allocations can be caused by more serious infection and demand immediate treatment.

Even, if allocations are insignificant, but do not disappear within several days, it is necessary to consult to the doctor also.

If allocations consist half of pus, and half of blood, any subject which the girl pushed to herself in a vagina and which remained there can be the cause, causing irritation.

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Where you got it? It is a question

Where you got it? It is a question I suddenly understood that life is senseless in any case, washing.

It became boring, fatally boring for me.

The feeling of senselessness of life is very painful, and I solved: it is necessary to do something with itself, and that so all life it is possible to lie.

You found a way?



You, maybe, will not believe, but now I understand that the awful.


Where you got it?

It is a question only of money.

Where to take not a problem.

You gave to yourself injections?

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Grandma. Turns

Grandma. Turns The grandfather called.


Turns the page.

Beck the grandma zhit, from a pocket of a goroshinka scatters, and from words a sound k loses.

Pick up a goroshinka and tell the word correctly: .

ampa pi.

and hundred.


ozhka we.

about foam.


yzh pas.

expert of a zhurn.

The child shifts peas from a table in a plateau and says words.

They pull a turnip, but cannot extend.


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The blizzard

The blizzard Settled on a sofa the child rests the wide the uvula in upper teeth and from impatience puffs exercise Barrels the air stream goes to cheeks.

Well, now it is possible to listen about what will tell snow.

It was in the cold winter.

The blizzard was angry, howled outside: lll.

The child rests a uvula against upper teeth and hoots angrily as a blizzard.

The winter wind hooted in pipes: lll.

The child shows how the wind hooted.

Father Frost of children gathered to congratulate on a holiday at this time.

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