You can ask a question

You can ask a question And it is especially shown in marriage.

At the beginning of matrimonial life of people suppresses anger, but eventually this feeling starts being shown and falls upon the spouse.

You can ask a question how the passive and aggressive person can rise against authority on marriage.

However the authority is symbolized not only those people before whom we are responsible, but also and for what we are responsible.

Marriage with the person with the character which developed passive and aggressive can remind a nightmare from which there is no exit.

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She understood

She understood Here some of rules by which it thus was guided: If to scold the child, never twice for the same offense.

Each child has to make thrifty use of property of others always.

If the child is obedient, him praise and reward.

All promises are strictly kept.

But the most important that this woman did for the children, she allocated time for individual communication with each child.

She understood that any child needs to communicate to her alone from time to time.

Her husband died, and it to some extent forced it to look narrowly at spiritual and emotional needs of the children more attentively.

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Yes, we have

Yes, we have But our generation practically lost touch with the spiritual heritage.

Yes, we have problems, and some of them are absolutely new.

But also was and at our grandfathers.

Why we cannot accept the crises and difficulties without depression, without feeling of doom, hopelessness and horror, how before the coming nearer death?


Facing problems, some religious organizations and preachers try to avoid responsibility, becoming reserved waiting for the Last Judgement.

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It can mean

It can mean Of course, they can help us according to the lights when we are sick, but it is not necessary to think and expect that they will be for us a constant source of emotional support.

We, parents, have to very much try to avoid own otioseness and incapacity as tutors.

It can mean need better to watch over the health to avoid diseases and fatigue; for example, we, to parents, need a reasonable diet, good rest and physical activity.

It can mean need to watch over the emotional health, need to find to itself a hobby or the new, refreshing soul interests to avoid a depression or mental exhaustion.

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If the similar

If the similar Later I consult on the wife, I learn her opinion on current situation.

It helps me further.

If the similar happens once again, I do not repeat former mistakes any more.

If you became angry about the child and in anger told or made something about what regretted later,!

you have a remarkable opportunity to turn the evil into good.

You can make one fine thing to ask for the child of forgiveness.

It teaches the child to forgive, and not only you, but also itself.

The child will see how you accept forgiveness, and will learn to do it itself.

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